Image of a fence with a forest behind it representing woodland management in Somerset.
Photo of completed fencing around a field in Somerset.


"I feel it important that I express my thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent work you did in the building of the new corral on Cothelstone Hill. As you know, the corral plays a vital roll in the management of the ponies and cattle that graze the Hill so I am sure you understand the AONB's need to have a well planned and built structure.

Your professional and considered approach to the project helped us enormously, enabling us to make ongoing modifications during the build to ensure that the final design will be a safe and workable environment for both the livestock and the rangers.

It was not only a pleasure to work with you but also we were relaxed in the knowledge that you and your team were professional throughout the project in your dealings with the staff, public and health and safety.

I look forward to working with you in the near future

Andy Harris, Ranger, Quantock Hills AONB Service
"I enclose my cheque in settlement of my account for all your work recently, felling trees and fence making. I am really delighted with all that you did which was to your customary excellent and impressive high standard. With my warmest thanks and best wishes.

We were very happy with the work carried out and will be in touch later in the year to arrange for the large fir trees to be felled. Many thanks for a great service and your polite team.

Many thanks for executing this sad task with such accuracy and so little litter; and not a twig on the. greenhouse!

It is a real pleasure to watch you at work and the method of it, a professionalism which I admire enormously.  It is the third time that I have had you and your charming team do work for me and I am glad indeed of it.

You did a superb job on the holly trees which has greatly improved the top of that bank
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